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3 Things you should take care on your kids shoot day

  • Make Your little one should feel comfortable during kids shoot is very important. We at Snappstory make sure that your little one feel at ease also we advise parents to do carry his snacks, meals, fav toys, for him/her so that he feel comfortable and relax

  • Clothing - There is no such right or wrong selection in clothing, whatever cloth your little one is comfortable with that is the right kind of cloth, also we would love to discuss the color combination, so that we can add that color theme in our designing too.. We also suggest to carry multiple outfits so that we can pick and drop the best one.

  • Follow the Schedule - This one is the most important one.. Always plan the shoot when your kid is most active. Don't do changes with the kids schedule. Do give him proper rest on the shoot day too.

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